Australian Christians SA State Director Exposes a New Stolen Generation

Over the past several years there has been much discussion about appropriate apologies and compensation for victims of the first stolen generation.

This is why Australian Christians SA State Director Joseph Stephen is forewarning state legislators and all Australians, “We will be creating a new disaster – a new stolen generation, if we do not understand the incredible implications of same-sex marriage and access to IVF by same-sex couples. Bills on both issues are scheduled for debate today, 25 July 2013, in our SA parliament.

“We already have government legislation (
allowing a same-sex partner to be named on a child’s birth cert even though he/she is not the biological parent. I know from personal experience that never knowing one’s real biological father leaves a lasting void in one’s soul, especially knowing that he neither knows nor cares about one’s existence.

“Men need to be accountable for their actions. Parents need to train their sons to be responsible fathers! In the prior generation, these forced adoptions were made in good faith and often in the best interest of children; today’s situation is diabolical. Every child deserves to know their biological parents.

“To normalize same-sex parenting or legalize lying to this generation about their true identity is something we as a nation should be deeply ashamed of.

“Even worse than this, while children who were forced into adoption in the last generation will be able to access adoption papers, children of same-sex or anonymous donor-IVF couples will have no way of tracing their true biological parent and may even end up marrying a sibling.”

“In the future, the Government will be apologizing to a new stolen generation but on a much grander scale!”

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