In his opinion piece in the Age on Monday 14th David Marr claims

Labor’s anti-discrimination legislation is a bigots’ charter – The Gillard government is too scared to brawl with the bishops, rabbis and imams over equality.

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But who is the real bigot here?

David Marr is fighting bigots in the name of  ‘equality’, a human right that trumps all others; even freedom. Apparently, people who uphold freedom of conscience, freedom of association and freedom of belief should be relegated to a dustbin of history labeled ‘bigot’. Meanwhile, Marr makes a disparaging comment about our prime minister for  ‘legislating against people of her own kind’ – oh dear – wouldn’t that be bigoted to suggest she should only support ‘people of her own kind?’ Is having a different view and democratically voicing it bigotry?

I wonder if all the recruitment consultants are bigoted for selecting employees who will embrace their company ethics? Perhaps the political parties are bigoted for insisting adherence to particular philosophies or policy? Marr’s argument flys in the face of commonsense. Even Children in kindergarten understand freedom of association and naturally reflect the old adage ‘birds of a feather flock together’. Yet Marr would have legislation passed to forbid that and move us one step closer to totalitarianism where our associations will be mandated by law; in line with state approved thoughts and speech.

I’m sorry Marr doesn’t feel religious organizations should be able to limit their employment to those who support their doctrine. Does he also feel that AFL teams should not discriminate against people who don’t want to keep their rules, ethos or sporting culture, or that newspapers should be forced to employ people who don’t really share their philosophical outlook or work ethic……

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