When my Husband and I passed through Melbourne’s airport security in anticipation of a few busy days in Sydney, you could say we had a bit of an explosive start. I often attract the eye of those security personnel who single out individuals for explosive scans and this time the security person was quite chatty and enquired about the purpose of our trip. Explaining that I am the author of Ideological Jihad and a public speaker on the topic usually starts a bit of dialogue and I could see the concern on the guard’s face as we discussed some of the issues. It was her opinion that 80% of Melbourne’s airport security where of the faith group at the heart of the worldwide terrorism phenomena.

But of course the new extremist is the person who shows concern about security staff being predominately from one religion associated with terrorism and so her concern must be veiled. In fact, to voice this concern would even be deemed racist.

My talks to various groups in Sydney this week included discussion about the redefining of words like ‘tolerance’, ‘racism’ and ‘family’.  And at a presentation by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo of the Barnabas Fund in Melbourne this morning, I was reminded that the redefining of husband and wife to ‘partner’ which removes gender, was one of the many UN initiatives that seems to be heavily marketed; but only in Western nations. The word ‘partner’ does not feature in Islamic countries anymore than the virtues of diversity, inclusiveness or tolerance are evidenced. Dr Sookhdeo shared stories this morning mainly unknown in the western world such as the 12,000 Christians taken hostage in Homs, with entry of food and water denied, casting great concern about the ultimate fate for the 2.3 million Christians in Syria abandoned by the outside world. With the redefining of jihadists as freedom fighters, about 300 of which hold Australian passports in Syria, we will now be welcoming people back to Australia who are highly trained killers.

This week I have been meditating on the famous words of Confucius: When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom. It seems to me that much of this redefining of words and loss of freedom comes to us courtesy of the UN. But we can’t blame them for everything. Our busy week was topped off today by participation in the annual March for the Babies where thousands turned out to protest against Victoria’s most lamentable abortion legislation.  With full term babies being legally aborted in Victoria, we are confronted by the dire consequences of redefining life itself.

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