As we prepare to celebrate Australia Day, an official website for Australia Day ( tells us that Australia Day today is a celebration of diversity and tolerance in Australian society. Nice words, with a hint of political correctness to soothe our collective conscience. But do they ring true in the hearts of ALL Australians? I invite you to take a moment and consider the statements below. You may agree or disagree but one thing we may yet still celebrate is our freedom of speech.

When will Australia Day be a day ALL can celebrate?

When, instead of just listing reasons to be proud,
We also consider the many reasons to be humbled.

When we stop regretting our chequered past
and start facing our present with forgiveness and wiser understanding.

When our happiness is measured not by the dollars we get
but by the vibrant families and communities we create.

When raising children ceases to be counted as a costly sacrifice
but is honoured as a precious gift toward our future.

When no human life is viewed as mere commodity
but is honoured and respected by all.

When social justice is not a demand for individual rights
but a responsible challenge to care for those less fortunate.

When the type of work we do is not valued for its social status
but for the service and dignity it offers our communities.

When we no longer worship or violate our natural environment
but learn to care for and use its gifts responsibly.

When education is not just driven by future economic trends
but by proven values than make a nation great.

When those called to government avoid self-aggrandisement
and learn to serve others with more humility.

Then we will ALL sing joyfully Advance Australia Fair


Madeleine Goiran (WA State Secretary- Australian Christians)

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