Warning: This May Shock You

Warning: This May Shock You

April 16th, 2014
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  • Worldslaziestbusker
    May 20, 2014 at 8:52 pm  -

    “We believe it is Dobby who has been discriminated against here simply for her political and religious views.”

    She is still free to hold those views, so no discrimination there.

    What she can’t do is hold a position of public responsibility in which her views may prompt unwarranted discrimination against those in her care.

    Free speech is about freedom, not price, and free speech can have a cost. If you’ve spoken freely about what you think, the cost may come in someone judging you based on what you’ve said.

    As far as I know, what Karen Dobby wrote was publicly available. It wasn’t leaked, it was linked to. If having your bigotry receive widespread attention causes you distress, keep your bigotry to yourself. If you use your right to express yourself on the matter of your bigotry, don’t complain if that bigotry brings you undesired consequences.

    Karen Dobby publicly expressed a willingness to discriminate against gay people. Simply pointing out that she has worked for a gay person doesn’t negate the matter. Working for someone and having someone in your care are very different dynamics, and Ms Dobby’s ability to work effectively for a gay person doesn’t mean she would not apply her bigotry in situations where she was in charge. You can cite her conscientiousness endlessly, but the fact she publicly expressed her bigotry makes her appointment to a position of public trust untenable in the same way I wouldn’t accept an openly racist judge, or an openly sexist school teacher. She might have done an exemplary job, to date, but that she cannot keep quiet about her bigotry in public does indicate a greater likelihood she will apply unwarranted discrimination than someone who either isn’t bigoted, or who is able to keep their bigotry to themselves. They can hold those views on their own time, for all I know, but they can’t expect to express those views publicly and continue to receive the respect and trust their positions require.

    If a person keeps their bigotry to themselves, it cannot affect me or the people I care about. They don’t have to keep quiet, but they also don’t have to receive respect and public funds.

    Karen Dobby hasn’t been discriminated against. She has been treated fairly by a society in which religious concerns are not allowed to trump human rights.

    Karen Dobby can continue to believe as she sees fit and to treat gay people badly, and to express her opinions on these matters freely. What she cannot do is expect public respect, public trust and public funds to support her efforts.

    We all take hits to our rights in return for pay. I can’t go where I like or say what I like when I’m on the clock. I take the hit to my freedom of movement and freedom of speech and am remunerated for my efforts. I could apply my freedom of speech to write about my job in a blog, and my boss could justifiably sack me for impinging on the privacy of the company clients. I don’t have a right to a job. My job is a privilege. I would never tell Karen Dobby to stop being a bigot, because she has a right to think as she sees fit, but she can’t expect to carry that right into the realm of her privileges with regard to a job in which impartiality regarding an individual’s sexual identity is axiomatic to doing that job well.

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