Australian Christians has strongly denounced Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s pledge, if re-elected, to make the legalisation of same-sex marriage a matter of first priority.

Mr Rudd reinforced his views last night on the webcast organised by the Australian Christian Lobby and on the ABC programme, Q&A.

Australian Christians National President Dwight Randall and national director Ray Moran believe Mr Rudd’s 180 degree flip from opposing and voting against same-sex marriage, to now supporting it and promising, if re-elected, to introduce same-sex marriage legislation within 100 days, is truly astonishing.

“Sadly, it is also clear that the leader of the Opposition’s position is also in flux. Tony Abbott avoided giving an unequivocal answer to the same-sex marriage question.  He has washed his hand of the issue saying it would be up to his Party Room to make the decision” Mr Randall said.

“These answers, by both the Labor and Liberal party contenders for the position of Prime Minister, are completely unsatisfactory to many Australians.”

The weak position on both the Labor and Liberal side means that Australian voters who oppose same-sex marriage have no option but to vote for a traditional values party like Australian Christians, where all the candidates completely support families and then for their party of choice.

“Australians who value the institution of marriage and who support the role that marriage has played in providing a stable foundation for this nation should vote 1 Australian Christians” Mr Randall said.

Australian Christians is strongly opposed to the legalisation of same-sex marriage or the introduction of civil unions. The party supports only traditional marriage. The party believes that marriage is the foundation of our society, and the natural and best arrangement for rearing children.

According to the National Director of Australian Christians, Ray Moran, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s declaration not long ago that his former opposition to same-sex marriage made him “an unreconstructed dinosaur” shows just how far he has slipped in the lead up to a tight election.

“Those who oppose same-sex marriage are not dinosaurs, but thoroughly modern people who understand that the greatest prospect for happiness, security, and the best environment for rearing of children lies in the time-tested covenant of marriage between a man and a woman” Mr Moran said.

“There are people that are trying to undermine values that contributed to making this country great on their head. It is time for family minded people to make their views unequivocally known at this election” Mr Moran stated.

Victorian Senate candidate Vickie Janson spoke to ABC radio drive presenter Nicole Chvastek.

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