Victoria’s Shame.

The latest governmental health report on Infant & Neonatal Morbidity & Mortality rates has been released, the year being 2009, the year after the Abortion Law Reform, legalising termination of pregnancy up to the day of birth for any reason whatsoever.

Late term – post 20 weeks – abortions = 410
Congenital abnormalities = 196 with 42 born alive post induction and left to die
Maternal Psychosocial Indications (healthy babies!) = 210

This is consistent with the following averages from previous years:

Late term abortions are on the increase in all categories
Maternal Psychosocial Indications continue to amount to more than half of the total
A significant number of babies born alive and left to die (average 30-50 each year)

Alarmingly, the number of healthy babies terminated post 28 weeks gestation for maternal psychosocial indications has increased 500% on the previous year, and average for previous 5 years.

5.1% of late term abortions for maternal psychosocial indications were done post 28 weeks gestation, on indisputably healthy, viable babies. This is up from an average of 1% over the last 5 years. For 2009, this numbered 10 (approximately) of the total 214. Half of the late term abortions for MPI were 20-22 weeks gestation. Half we done on babies post the deemed age of viability, post 23 weeks

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