[“Permissibility, availability and accessibility – all increase consumption.” Dalgarno Institute.]

“A call by ADCA today to end the link between Government and the liquor industry is
most welcome. The severing of this nexus is a key step to better employing the same
strategies that have worked so well to reduce the demand for tobacco in our nation.
To end political donations is just the start of reducing the leverage that the tobacco
and alcohol industries have over Governments. This includes the tax revenues from
these industries that have prevented them implementing such sensible and simple
policies such as reducing opening hours for hotels and increasing the drinking age.
The evidence is overwhelming that such changes will reduce consumption and
reduce the harm that follows.

Governments must also bring some consistency into reducing supply and demand
for drugs, both legal and illegal. Just as we see how a reliance on taxation has
hamstrung Governments in their attempts to control tobacco and alcohol, so they
must resist widening the problem by attempting to regulate illicit drug use. Not only
is this impractical; it will inevitably lead to greater use and greater harm as has been
illustrated by regulation of the tobacco and alcohol industries.

Governments should break all ties with the drug industry and prioritise the reducing
of supply and demand. There must also be the prioritising of proactive Recovery
incentives for cessation of use, as well as more realistic deterrents for both suppliers
and consumers, rather than piecemeal efforts to reduce harm. The most effective
means to reduce harm is to reduce consumption as was so well demonstrated by
Howard’s ‘Tough on Drugs’ policy that saved thousands of young lives.”
Communications Liaison – Dalgarno Institute

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