Literally on the Corner of Mason and Walker Streets, Dandenong the Cornerstone Contact Centre counts for the lonely and needy who might otherwise be on the fringe of society. Ps Don Cameron is committed to serving others in practical ways freely offering a hot meal on a cold day, a warm room and lots of warm smiles from the many volunteers. As the hungry folk queue up a short and frank Bible reading precedes a blessing of the food so there is no misunderstanding as to who the cornerstone really is; the name they serve in is made very clear. Ps Don tells me that Cornerstone has served over 30,000 meals in the past twelve months and it looks like they have quite a few happy customers. But this is just one of the many activities at Cornerstone, including basketball for youth.

We (Vickie, Michael and Nathan) enjoyed lunch with Todd and Pat (pictured)   Lunch 1 who have been regulars here for years. We also had a chance to chat with Nigerian refugee, Timothy the welder, who is seeking employment and waiting to be reunited with his family. Ervine (also pictured) is a fourth generation Aboriginal Australian and although an emphysema sufferer, enjoys this regular opportunity to get out for good food and fellowship. I gathered the monthly bacon and egg breakfast was also a big hit.

Lunch 2

Ps Don says although they officially have 600 volunteers who might work periodically, there is still a need for more helpers, especially those who can sit and talk with these special folk.


We were blessed to see faith at work in this community and encourage you to support this great service to Dandenong’s needy.


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