A response to Why Muslim youth fall prey to extremism

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Columnist Tanveer Ahmed is right on many counts; Muslim migrants tend to become more religious rather than less when they arrive in Australia. Later generations are more likely to advocate for sharia law and segregation between Muslim and non-Muslim to avoid what is considered western ‘individualism, secularism and gender equality’ and what is seen as an extension of this: ‘sex and drugs’. Ahmed identifies that these attitudes can be ‘sharply politicized into a virulent anti-western ideology’ that may ultimately manifest in terrorism. It’s not so complicated; bad ideas turn into bad actions.

Ahmed is appealing to the progressives to lay down the victimhood card and acknowledge the reverse racism that lurks beneath the surface of many Islamic communities. While it is shocking to hear an account of a Muslim woman’s veil being torn off or of her suffering verbal abuse, the verbal abuse of non-Muslim women by Muslim men who consider them ‘whores’ or ‘sluts’ for not being under the full Islamic cover is basically unreported.  The racism card can currently only be played by one hand.

Threats by Muslim individuals at the grass roots level of a future ‘Islamic takeover’ do nothing to cement a common national identity or build community trust. One Bangladeshi accountant was told ‘when we Muslims take over there’ll be no room for you Catholics’. In the same area of Melbourne, an Anglo woman approached a Muslim mother to advise her son was bullying the woman’s grandson and calling him a ‘f… so&so’. To her shock and surprise the mother replied:  ‘you’re all convicts – we have more right to this country than you’. These are examples of reverse racism towards other Australians that stem from within the Muslim community and are based on a supremacist worldview that sympathizes with extremists.

Some sympathizers may be called ‘moderates’ who choose ‘dawah’ – ie Islamic missionary activity – to fulfil the goal of an Islamic state. But for the average Australian, dawah and jihad represent two sides to the same coin. Whatever way the coin falls it appears to be heads up for Islamists.

Here in Australia reverse racism is brewing while governments and ‘progressives’ are bowing to cater for sharia compliant food, finance and Muslim only prayer rooms that have at their core the theology of an unclean ’other’. If the purpose of sharia finance is to keep it free from contamination of western finance, or more crudely as is heard on the street, ‘infidel’ finance, then one wonders why our leaders are so keen to invest in such racism and package this as an act of inclusion. The mind boggles as the racism continues to rage and one wonders why the hand that feeds is too unclean to be the hand embraced.

Love does not rejoice in evil but delights with the truth (1 Corinthians 13:6) Thank you Tanveer Ahmed

Vickie Janson

Eastern Metropolitan Candidate

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