Australian Christians is pleased to announce that it has been registered as a political party by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission.  This will allow the party to nominate candidates in the upcoming State election on 15 March 2014.

The party registration comes just hours before the writs are due to be issued.

We are very pleased that there were no objections. Had there been a single objection we would not have been able to register in time for the State election.  The Tasmanian Electoral Act (Part 4, Section 62) prevents the Commission from taking action in processing an application once the writs have been issued. Any objection would have certainly extended the application process beyond the date the writs are to be issued.

Despite the restricted time frame, Australian Christians are planning to nominate candidates in the electorates of Bass and Braddon.

Endorsed candidates are:

Bass: Ray Kroeze

Braddon: Kevin Swarts.


More information can be viewed in the Tasmanian Electoral Commission’s Media Release.

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