The Australian Christians party supports the proposed amendment to the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act. This amendment will allow Christian schools to enrol students based on their religious belief or affiliation.The current legislation brought in by the previous Labor government deliberately targets Christian and other faith-based schools. The Act forces private schools to accept any student application, whether they agree with the school’s tenets, beliefs and teachings or not.Only if a school receives more applications than places, may the private school apply to the Commissioner for exemption. This needs to be done for every particular year group in a particular school year. The exemptions are ridiculously impossible and are deliberately designed to prevent Christian schools from being able choose to enrol Christian students.

The current legislation urgently needs to be addressed and amended.

Parents choose to pay expensive private school fees, on top of their taxes, to send their children to Christian schools so that they can be taught according to their values and beliefs. The current legislation puts these values at risk by opening up private schools to any applicant.  The current legislation allows a parent that is hostile to the teachings of Christ to enrol their children in a Christian school, and the schools are powerless to prevent this.

The act needs to change. Christian schools should be able to choose to enroll Christian students.

Kevin Swarts

Australian Christians

PO Box 423 Launceston

Tasmania 7250

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