Australian Christians supports the submission by Doctors for the Family 28 March 2012 in favour of retaining the current definition of marriage as defined in the marriage act 2004.

Doctors for the Family was established in November 2011 to highlight the health aspects of marriage and family and ensure a healthy future for our children.
We believe that marriage as reflected and proclaimed in the Marriage Act 2004 “…the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life” to be the basis of healthy marriage and family.
We believe that marriage as defined is the basis of a healthy society. We submit that the evidence is clear that children who grow up in a family with a mother and father do better in all parameters than children without *1.
We believe it is important for the future health of our nation to retain this definition and we oppose moves to alter this definition to include “same-sex marriage”.
We also believe marriage as currently defined is more stable than so-called same-sex “marriage” *2.
We further submit that legalisation of same-sex marriage will have significant ramifications that have been confirmed by research and events here and elsewhere

  •  the further “normalising” of homosexual behaviour through education with all the health consequences of that behaviour for our children *3
  • denial of parental option to withdraw their children from that education – a fundamental rejection of the rights of the family *4
  • charges of “hate-speech” and vilification, if we voice our belief that every child needs a mother and a father, will gain further legitimacy *5
  • likewise freedom of speech and belief regarding the position we believe marriage has in society will be more limited *6
  • further pressure on adoption agencies to approve adoption to same-sex couples and closure of agencies that fail to do that *7.

We trust that this Senate Inquiry will realise the significance of any distortion of what marriage really is, the continuing benefits of marriage to the Australian community, the place of marriage in history and our culture and we strongly recommend that there be no change to the definition of marriage as presently enshrined in law.

To read the complete submission, click here Senate Submission and scroll down to submission number 229

*1 “ …if there is one major demographic change in western societies that can be linked to a large range of adverse consequences for many children and young  people, it is the growth in the numbers of children who experience life in a family other than living with their two biological parents, at some point before the age of 15.” For Kids’ Sake – Repairing the Social Environment for Australian Children and Young People Professor Patrick Parkinson AM July 2011
“Adolescents in married, two-biological-parent families generally fare better…” [Wendy Manning and Kathleen Lamb, Adolescent well-being in co-habiting, married, and single-parent families, Journal of Marriage and Family, vol 65, no.4, Nov 2003, pp876-893, p890]

*2 Dennis Altmann writes “monogamy is not a realistic choice” [Zoe Beaumont, “The sanctimony of marriage”, B.News, August 21, 2008, p10] and Schmidt writes “…if we set aside infidelity and allow a generous definition of ‘long-term relationships’ as those that last at least four years, under 8% of either male or female homosexual relationships fit the definition.” Helen Razer, “Homosexuality is a bore now so many gays are wedded to a rickety institution”, Sydney Morning Herald, March 3, 2011
Indeed it is argued that commitment and fidelity within marriage would be stifling and that if homosexual marriage was approved it would have to be different and allow for “extra-marital outlets.” Andrew Sullivan, Virtually Normal: An Argument about Homosexuality (London:Picador, 1996), p202

*3 The rate of new HIV diagnoses among men who have sex with men was 44 times that of other men and 40 times that of women, and primary and secondary syphilis rates were 46 times that of other men and 71 times that of women, according to data presented at the 2010 National STD Prevention Conference in Atlanta. CDC Analysis Provides New Look at Disproportionate Impact of HIV and Syphilis Among U.S. Gay and Bisexual Men
see also

*4 The Toronto school board, one of the largest in North America has forbidden parents from withdrawing their children from prohomosexual education. Permission will not be granted because it violates their human rights policy. See p10 (Nov 2011) The chair of the Toronto District School Board has confirmed their policy of forbidding exemptions from the board’s radical prohomosexual curriculum, insisting that any such attempts by parents “would not be condoned” in their schools.

*5 A dad does matter to a child, whether gay couples like it or not Dr David van Gend (the complaint was unconditionally withdrawn)

*6 The new outlaws: how same-sex marriage suffocates freedom Bryce J. Christensen | Monday, 23 January 2012

*7 the consequences of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts bears this out together with many other consequences. What same-sex “marriage” has done to Massachusetts by Brian Camenker


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