As a new wave of Islamic violence swept the globe over the past few days, the misunderstanding of this religion continued with our own opposition leader commenting that “yesterday’s ugliness did not fairly reflect the Islamic people of Australia”. Perhaps it does not reflect the liberal or secular version of Islam, just like a child playing in a flight simulator does not reflect the true skill and knowledge of a real pilot flying a 747. The excuse given is that this is fundamental Islam, but fundamental Islam is true Islam just like fundamental Christianity is true Christianity. If you don’t fly by the book you’re not a fundamental pilot – and I doubt anyone would fly with a pilot who is not a fundamental pilot but rather learned to fly by reading a car manual.


If you don’t live by the Quran, you’re not a fundamental Muslim and if you don’t live by the Bible you’re not a fundamental Christian. Yes, Islam, like Atheism and Churchianity is full of inconsistent followers – e.g. Richard Dawkins though an ardent atheist, calls himself a cultural Christian, that is, says that there is no God yet values the rules given by God, and others, call themselves Christians yet vehemently deny most of the bible’s teaching – but inconsistency be it Muslim, atheist or Christian cannot legitimately be called by its name nor be taken seriously. Even if the majority of Muslims fit into this inconsistent category, when push comes to shove, they are all part of the brotherhood of Muslims and will support each other, being loyal to Islam.


It is true that there have been times in history where Christianity has been blamed for violence but that was no more fundamental Christianity than the Christianity which openly accepts homosexuality as a God-approved way of life. We only need consult the teaching of the founder of a religion to see if the actions of their followers is consistent to their teaching.


Christ never condoned hatred and violence as a means of making one’s voice heard yet, according to the Quran,  Mohammad instructed his followers to kill the infidels. The placards waved by the children at the recent Sydney demonstration calling for the beheading of anyone who criticizes Mohammad are consistent with the teaching of their leader.


Sydney’s demonstrations should be a wake-up call to all Australians. While we should openly welcome anyone who respects the Christian values which formed our foundation, we should protect our borders from anyone who thinks they can come here to enjoy the fruits of Christianity and Christian values but propagate the very religion from which so many have fled.

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