In last night’s 7:30 report, Australian Christians was mentioned as part of a minor party alliance that was formed during the 2013 federal election campaign. The so-called “alliance” was simply a series of meetings organised by Glenn Druery to try and improve the preference deals for the Shooters and Fishers Party.

Whilst it is true our representative did attend the initial meeting, we made it very clear to all those in attendance, from the very beginning, that we would ONLY negotiate preferences with those candidates and parties who share the same pro-life, pro marriage values as ours. The following is an excerpt from an email I sent to all members of the alliance.

“Like many of the parties in the alliance, there are only certain other parties that Australian Christians could consider preferencing before any of the majors, i.e. Parties or Candidates who are pro-life, don’t support same sex marriage, support freedom of speech and freedom of religion OR that have only very specific issues that do not affect any of these areas, e.g. The bullet train party.”

At the forth coming WA senate by election on April 5th, AC has done a tight preference swap with the other 3 Christian values parties, a deal reciprocated by all except Family First who has decided to allocate preferences to Clive Palmer’s candidate, Dio Wang.

For more information on the preferences, click here


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