Please pray for teh following:
Hon Nick Goiran MLC is one of three MPs in the WA Legislative Council calling for an inquiry into the deaths of 14 babies born alive after late-term abortions in WA hospitals. Pray for strength, wisdom and courage for these three MPs as they stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The new NLP Queensland government has made positive moves towards removing state-sanctioned ceremonies between homosexual couples, as well as changes to the Surrogacy Act. However, both issues require further investigation in order that all potential harm to those involved is fully addressed. Pray that the Queensland government will consider the rights of children above all else when making their final decision.

Pray for Tasmania! The government continues to pass laws regarding same-sex marriage, surrogacy and other issues that will only lead to the moral decline of the state, a negative influence for the next generation and the destruction of family values.

Pray for Candidates: Please pray our senate candidates Vickie Janson (Vic) , Kevin Swarts (Tas) and Jamie van Burgel (WA),and for God to raise up more candidates for the Senate and house of representative in all states for the Federal election and for all seats in the WA state election, doe in March 2013.

Pray for provision of funds: Please pray that Christian businessmen and women will see the need to provide financial resources for Australia Christians that we might have a significant impact in the political arena.

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