IslamAustralian Christians calls for the Prime Minister to apply the same standards she used for the Australian Christian Lobby’s annual conference and renounce the March 2013 Islamic Research & Educational Academy (IREA) conference.

In the interest of consistency and national harmony, the Prime Minister must renounce the March 2013 Islamic Research & Educational Academy (IREA) conference and forbid her ministers from attending.

Late last year, Julia Gillard reversed her decision to speak at the Australian Christian Lobby’s annual conference on the basis of some comments made by their leader Jim Wallace.

As strong advocates of freedom of belief and speech, honesty, integrity, human rights and the preservation of Australian common core values, Australian Christians call on Ms. Gillard to apply the same standard to the 2013 Islamic Research & Educational Academy (IREA) Peace Conference in Melbourne.

The list of guest speakers announced for the March conference, which is being promoted under the false premise of interfaith dialogue, include:

Dr Zakir Naik

Naik was recently barred from entering Canada for a similar conference when Tarek Fatah, founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, lobbied MPs against the visit, saying: “We don’t want hate-mongers here.”[1] Naik, a medical doctor, recommends capital punishment for homosexuals and the death penalty for those who abandon Islam as their faith.[2] He claims that men have the right to beat their wives ‘lightly’ as long as it is not on the face and does not leave a mark.[3] He was also banned from entering the UK after declaring that “every Muslim should be a terrorist.”[4]

Abdul Rahman Al Sudais

Sudais is a Saudi Arabian Sheikh, who has called for the annihilation of the Jews, referring to them as “the scum of humanity, rats of the world, … grandsons of monkeys and pigs.”

Sheikh ‘Assim Al Hakeem

Saudi Arabian Al Hakeem was prevented from speaking at Hertfordshire University and Sheffield Hallam University in the UK in March 2012 following protests by gay rights groups who objected to his homophobic statements. [5] He described female circumcision as ‘recommended’, comparing circumcision to having a haircut or clipping one’s nails.[6]

Local guests and coworkers include Abu Hamza from Islamic Information Services Network of Australia (IISNA) who won some national notoriety by describing the proper way to beat your wife. Mr Hamza previously hosted the since barred international visitor Abdul Raheem Green who when asked in Melbourne about the legitimacy of suicide bombing replied ‘there are two schools of thought and both are valid’. Green was the founder of Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA), apparently a transposing of IREA. Indeed Australian IREA appears to support the same duality.


While IREA is expecting to attract a crowd of 20,000 Muslims to this event, and lure a few thousand non-Muslims under the pretense of interfaith dialogue, last month they exposed their intentions to train 1,000 Muslims including children as young as five, to be engaged in serious apologetics and missionary activity.

According to IREA, in addition to these notorious speakers, our own elected representatives and other officials, including our Prime Minister, are expected to attend.

While our Prime Minister has made public her views about misogyny, Australian Christians calls on the Prime Minister to decline the invitation to this event promoting or validating segregation, polygamy, female genital mutilation and a doctrine of jihad.

We also call on all Australian elected representatives to oppose IREA’s plans to open 20 Islamic schools designed to foster these ideas, 4 of which are planned for Melbourne.

This is not an argument about religion; it’s about maintaining real social cohesion, real equality, real freedom and our precious democracy. Our elected politicians must display the courage to promote real common core values.







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