ABC’s PM program asks why some church leaders have objected to the name of the new party Australian Christians.

Maria Bengtsson and Ray Moran answer questions about the name and the upcoming by election for the seat of Melbourne.

When asked why Maria was contesting the election, she stated

“This is an opportunity to be a voice representing Christian values and concerns and offering a genuine choice to voters. It is an opportunity to exercise freedom of speech and ensure real tolerance remains for all views. We are concerned to be a voice for the greater good and this is an opportunity.

As a person who has worked for a number of years in the health industry I am concerned about the root causes of many of  societies problems. eg dishonesty that leads to fraud, exploitation of vulnerable people and mismanagement of taxpayer’s money.

I would like to see a cultural shift to honesty and integrity which means refocusing from selfishness and demanding personal rights toward more concern for others in need.  The message of self sacrifice is not popular however I believe it’s what has built Australia and it’s this value I would like to foster. eg. Same-sex couples should consider sacrificing fulfilling their own desires for the  perfectly natural and healthy desire of a child to have a mum and a dad. Other candidates may want to please various lobby groups to get votes. I  believe giving the next generation the best opportunity in life means I won’t be able to please every lobby group.”

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