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9 July 2012

Melbourne by-election 21 July 2012

Maria Bengtsson – a strong voice for the most vulnerable

We are living in a culture of competing voices where every group is lobbying for ‘rights’ – whether for endangered species, bike lanes, tunnels or a bigger slice of the budget – but rarely for the most vulnerable among us.

It is tragic that our environment may be abused through neglect or exploitation and we should be concerned about this. However while lamenting the consequences of mismanagement and seeking to improve environmental performance, it is ironic that one of the greatest violations to life itself is shamelessly approved as just another ‘right’.

To date this year in Victoria, over 8,000 babies have been aborted, some of these at full term. In some instances, given another day or so these full term babies would be able to exercise their own voice to plead for a fair go but in Victoria the womb does not provide this protection. And neither do vulnerable young women have the real freedom of choice to know the health risks or alternatives to abortion. While premature babies are viable and survive from about 20 weeks, there is no requirement to provide medical assistance for babies who survive abortion. Those who advocate for this are referred to as ‘progressive’.

The most vulnerable extend to our elderly, who we hear are too often being denied hydration, the basic provisions of food and water, and referred to hospices instead of hospitals when all they may require is life saving antibiotics.

Australian Christians is compelled to be a strong voice for these most vulnerable in our society. And we are compelled to protect the basic freedoms many Victorians agree are being eroded.

The national launch of the federal party Australian Christians in Perth March 7, 2012 was followed by the Melbourne launch on March 16 and Launceston March 21.

Australian Christians (AC) has been established to be a viable alternative to the two major parties and a voice for the estimated 2.7 million Christian voters. As a major voting block, AC will contribute to the conversation about what constitutes Australian values and family, and will advocate for the preservation of freedoms.

If elected we will be a voice of freedom in three areas:

Freedom of Speech – we would advocate for the repeal of Victoria’s Racial & Religious Tolerance Act that stifles freedom of speech and honest debate.

Freedom of religion –we would advocate to amend the Victoria Charter of Human Rights and implement the SARC (Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee) recommendations in order to protect freedom of conscience and belief for faith-based organizations’.

Freedom of Conscience – we would advocate for amendments to the abortion legislation to allow doctors and nurses the freedom to not be involved in the abortion industry it if contravenes their conscience.

We will be a voice for those whose voice is being silenced.

Media Contact: Vickie Janson 0411 298 464

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