Abortion, Victoria, March for babies, MelbourneAround 2,500 GOOD PEOPLE protested a VERY BAD LAW and had to tolerate a very UGLY bunch of Anarchists and some pretty poor Policing tactics at yesterday’s March for The Babies. A protest against the worst anti-human law in the Western world.

Mums and Dads, Grandmas and Granddads, young people, many children, and some people even came from interstate, to  show how much they oppose the appalling Law passed 4 years ago by the then Labor government. But we must not forget that this terrible Law was also supported by the current Premier, Ted Baillieu, his Deputy, Louise Asher, and the current Health Minister, David Davies.

This means it is going to be very difficult to undo the damage, and put a stop to the murder of so many  unborn children.

Until many more Christians once again see it as their Civic Duty to stand for Parliament and guide this State, and indeed this nation, under the Guidance of Almighty God, more of these bad Bills will be passed, and once passed they are very hard to undo.

It is always sad that more people are not there to show their opposition to such a bad law, especially when you consider that many Melbourne churches boast more people in attendance on one Sunday than all the marchers that made the effort to be there yesterday.

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