In last week’s ‘The Mayne report’ political activist Stephen Mayne warns WA Senate candidates and other interested people to ‘think carefully about your preferences’ as they approach the April 5 Senate re-run.  Giving an overview of ‘who’s who in the pool’, Mayne comments on Victorian candidate in the WA re-run, Fiona Patten.

Fiona is the leader of the Australian Sex Party and CEO of Australia’s national adult retail association; the Eros Association.  Mayne describes Fiona as a ‘stand out political performer’ who ‘would do a great job if elected to the Senate’. Clearly charmed, Mayne continues to recommend Fiona as a ‘feisty women taking it to the uber social conservative Tony Abbott.’ He maintains that the Sex Party have ‘considered and consistent libertarian positions and make natural philosophical allies for the Liberal Democrats.

Right then: So let’s consider those ‘considered and consistent libertarian positions’ and how they might affect the average family. The message on the Sex Party website is clear: Save Your Rights. That would be rights to have your sexual preferences validated, rights to harm your own body and seek pleasure even if the outcome is a cost to the taxpayer and a social cost to the community. The right to rigorous individualism even at the expense of others; the right to end the life of the unborn and the right to have professionals assist you in taking your own life.

To quote Os Guiness – ‘Justice is no longer about justice, it’s now only about Just Us!’ It’s this obsession with ‘rights’ to be able to fulfil any and every sexual appetite that ultimately demeans and destroys others. This ‘Just Us’ right’s driven attitude toward social policy unwittingly protects those who prowl on Australia’s most vulnerable; children like Daniel Morcombe; children in state care and children in the care of religious institutions that like families, should protect them but too often don’t. These abuses come from attitudes of a right to self fulfilment over concern and responsibility for others. Sacrificing my desire for your welfare just isn’t compatible with the rights message. It’s not a right of course, but a wrong.

The ‘considered and consistent libertarian positions’ Mayne promotes include giving same-sex couples the ‘right to marry’. Of course that would deny some children brought into that union what should be perfectly natural for them; the right to a mum and a dad. But it’s all about ‘Just Us’.

The Sex Party also uphold a ‘right to legalised euthanasia’. It’s not considered important to give family members a say, or nurses and doctors who may have a conscientious objection to administering a lethal injection a say; it’s about ‘Just Us’; and we wonder why our young teens are suiciding at such alarming levels when the message to value life is so undervalued. If I can kill myself legally as an adult – why not as a child? Will this message add to Australia’s social capital and improve the life outcome for young Australians?

But the irony is that Mayne would support the Sex Party’s libertarian position on the taxation & regulation of the supply of marijuana as ‘considered’. Patten refers to legalised marijuana as a potential ‘cash crop’ for treasury and recommends Australia treat marijuana liker alcohol in terms of managing and taxing. Perhaps she is not considering the cost of ruined lives due to alcohol related violence and crime. But that’s another topic. Let’s just stick to legalising marijuana and really consider the facts.

In a recent article by Bill Muehlenberg  it is noted many of the acute effects of cannabis use include anxiety, panic, paranoia, cognitive impairment, psychomotor impairment and increased risk of low birth-weight babies. Add to this memory loss, psychosis, impaired driving, hallucinations, asthma and even lung cancer. The Australian Medical Association warns, one third to one half of detained patients admitted to psychiatric units in Australia are there because marijuana use has precipitated a relapse. And we could go on considering the well considered libertarian positions of the Sex Party.

We might wonder why we have such a shortage of ambulance drivers. An attendee at a recent First Aid course in Melbourne told me last week that the instructor, an ex ambulance driver, told the class how dreaded Friday and Saturday nights were. This is because they have so many cases involving drug addicted individuals who are almost impossible to help. Our ambulance drivers called to help are too often verbally and physically abused. We best not talk to them about justice. They know too well it all about ‘Just Us!’

Once again, the Sex Party considered libertarian position to Decriminalise ALL drugs for personal use would mean that individuals could legally consume the lethal drug Ice which often leads to violence, road accidents and the abuse of those sent to assist.

Sorry Mr Mayne, in the main, I believe the libertarian positions of the Sex Party are not well considered at all. But on this we can agree;  we should think carefully about our preferences in this upcoming WA election!

Vickie Janson: Victorian State Director – Australian Christians

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