People are finding the courage to peacefully stand with Israel in their response to continual rocket attacks from Hamas. As quoted in Sunday’s Age …  Zionist Federation of Australia president Philip Chester said Israel had been subjected to more than 12,000 rockets in 12 years.

“Such attacks on Israel’s population are utterly unacceptable.”


Not to be outdone, it was reported Pro-Palestinian demonstrators held a “snap protest” in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday, adding they would hold a larger protest next Friday.

While the Pro-Israel rally attracting 1,000 peaceful demonstrators was held in the Jewish heartland of South Caulfield, the Pro-Palestinian demonstration was in Melbourne’s CBD heartland; though the youth group who made their stand on Saturday base themselves in Melbourne’s north. The T-shirts these young Pro-Palestinian Australians were donning indicated they were from AISA Youth – the youth wing of the Australian Islamic Social Association [AISA], which is associated with the Meadow Heights mosque. (But of course, it’s not a religious conflict)

AISA Youth’s stated goal is to ‘aid in the development of model young citizens and potential future leaders’ – no prizes for guessing what type of leadership is being fostered here. The back of the tee illustrating a small Australia cradled in an all consuming Islamic crescent moon just reflected the problem that Israel faces daily and the rest of the world is just starting to appreciate. The problem is one of theology; a theology of dominance where national identity is overshadowed by a religious one.

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