In the Australian newspaper last year Mr Ikabel Patel of AFIC said. “Australia has had legislation on halal since 1983 — so we are already dealing with aspects of sharia for the benefit of the country.”

Halal certificates are issued, for a fee, by a certifying body. This is not a requirement of the Koran or Hadiths but a modern day practice; it only began in the 1980’s. It has quickly developed into a corrupt and very lucrative worldwide industry.

Money that is paid out in fees for halal certification is used to fund in part or whole the push for sharia law in Australia. The Daily Mail reported in 2010 that The Grand Mufti of Bosnia Herzegovina, Dr Mustafa Ceric urged the Muslim Ummah to conquer the world through the Halal movement .

All or part of the fees go to mosques as they own most of the halal certification companies. Mosques practice segregation of men and women, preach that women and non-Muslims have lesser status than Muslims. Many mosques endorse polygamy and marrying of minors, teach that democracy is evil and that freedom of speech is intolerable.

It has been proven in the USA, France and Canada that some halal certification fees end up in the hands of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organisations. Last year the charity status of a Canadian organisation was revoked because of its links to Hamas.

CBN reported earlier last year that when French journalist and author Alexandre del Valle began investigating how the Muslim Brotherhood was attempting a mafia-style takeover of France’s Halal food industry, his life was threatened. “Nearly 60 per cent of halal food is controlled by organizations belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood,” he explained.

In many cases the certification is not even necessary. Muslims are allowed to eat meat slaughtered by ‘People of the Book’ (Christians and Jews). They can also read the ingredients on labels and easily determine if they want to purchase a product. Fish, nuts, milk, grains, fruits & vegetables never need halal certification and yet companies are paying thousands each year for it.

Many of the Islamic certifying companies like to try and convince the manufacturers that non-Muslims don’t have a problem with halal certification, this is of course incorrect. They also accuse them of being racist if they do not certify. We need to express strongly and politely this is not the case.

We also have to ask where is the money going? At the very least we know it helps fund mosques in this country. At worst, like overseas, it is funding terrorism. It is time our government started investigating and being serious about the answers.

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