Immigration Refugees and Islam – Vickie Janson

Immigration Refugees and Islam – Vickie Janson

May 3rd, 2012
Posted by: Raymond
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  • Well written, maybe too Ideal for Australia, especially point 9.
    Oh how I pray that we`d have politicians with responsibility, courage and vision for Australia that seeks to better our nation for our children rather than short sighted, big overseas borrowing and a need to cater to the left at all costs. Vickie, I support your writting, now we need people to put it into action. John A

    • Thanks John, appreciate the encouragement. Yes point 9 is an ideal but highlights how in this globalised world we are not operating on a level playing field.

  • An excellent article.
    There is a worldwide invasion underway using subtle tricks which have never been
    thought of by Westerners living in Democracies largely influenced by Christian
    standards of  “fair go ” and respect for all others. We need to stop this takeover
    for the sake of our children.
    Although most Muslims here will decry terrorism, the fact is that it is the background of terrorism occurring in other countries which renders our politicians
    afraid of attacks on themselves and their families and is causing them to surrender 
    We desperately need some politicians with the courage of Geert Wilders of The Netherlands who leads the Freedom Party and has gained tremendous approval. Politicians are  among the few who can be given security protection at taxpayers expense.  Such protection is essential and warranted.

  • A good article:
    In addition, Australia needs to re-introduce and/or strengthen marriage and bigamy laws to ensure that no man has multiple wives at taxpayer expense. Each man must be held responsible for the upkeep of all of his children born of any woman. We need to phase in laws that give real marriage a boost in that welfare should be significantly less for those who are neither married nor truly widowed, nor can identify the father of their child. This, coupled with tax-splitting for the extended family, will encourage marriage, and permit more women to choose to serve as stay-at-home mums. This will reduce welfare costs by several mechanisms: a) fewer children in fatherless families; b) fewer unsupervised latch-key children; c) more jobs available for young men because of less competition from women forced into the workforce; d) lower young-male suicide rates because of higher marriage and job prospects; e) lower crime and terrorism rates because crime and violence historically follow the illegitimacy/fatherlessness rate and there will be fewer young men with poor job or marriage prospects; f) More social capital and more volunteers because their will be fewer dormitory suburbs.

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