In the last few weeks, Anglicare Victoria received letters from all over the nation from people voicing their concern about a recent request for the Dobby’s to resign as foster carers due to a media campaign describing Karen Dobby as homophobic and a bigot.

Anglicare Victoria’s CEO Paul McDonald requested a meeting with Ian & Karen Dobby late last week (24/4/2014) and has since found there is no reason to seek their resignation as foster carers.

The decision was followed by a letter from Anglicare Victoria endorsing Ian & Karen Dobby as highly valued and well regarded foster careers.

Please forward the news of Anglicare’s favorable decision to your networks to avoid any further correspondence on this matter.  We would however encourage forwarding a letter of thanks and gratitude.

Anglicare Victoria’s decision reflects true inclusivity.

Ian & Karen Dobby are grateful that Paul Mc Donald willingly took the time to discuss the issues openly and honestly.


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