Australian Christians senate candidate slams Government over paying $5,000 baby bonus for aborted babies.

Labor Government slashed parenting payment for 100,000 single parents of children aged eight and over, and also the baby bonus for a second and subsequent child born, yet they are prepared to dole out the $5,000 baby bonus for women who abort their healthy late term unborn babies.

Australian Christians’ SA senate candidate Trevor Grace has been approached by a number of people, telling him that they were given $5,000 for aborting their healthy unborn baby.
And this is when they had no intention of keeping their unborn child.

Mr Grace said, “Let’s be honest here. In these cases, the Baby Bonus payment is reclassified as a Bereavement Payment for a ‘stillborn child’ 20 weeks and over. But the fact is, these babies haven’t died naturally, they were deliberately killed in the womb with drugs such as digoxin being injected into their heart, and then removed in pieces by dilation and evacuation, or by breech, along with crushing the child’s head.

“To say that an unborn child intentionally aborted was ‘stillborn’, is totally fraudulent.”

One couple who aborted their 21 week healthy unborn baby said they were never expecting the cash: “It’s a pretty sad situation, but the money came in handy to pay a few bills. The abortion clinic sent us some papers and we signed it at Centrelink on the Friday. On Monday we had $5,000 in our bank account.”

For another woman, “The money was simply a reminder that I’d killed my baby. A little boy”. [The woman sobbed as she told this to my wife and myself.]

Mr Grace spoke to a gathering in Moonta recently, “Most would understand it’s fair enough, on compassionate grounds, to give a woman $5,000 in lieu of the baby bonus, if she had a still born child. People can get their heads around this without any problems. But it’s more than scandalous to pay women for deliberately choosing to abort their unborn babies – and, especially so, when they were never intending to have a baby in the first place.”

Mr Grace said, “We should all be yelling out from the roof tops about this. It’s shocking. It’s insane. We have mothers — pregnant women, who don’t want to give birth — being paid thousands of tax funded dollars to kill their unborn child. It’s ‘blood money’.”
“So where are the Greens? They’re keen on ‘saving the whales’ and refugees. But not unborn babies! “And what of Labor? And the Liberals? And the individuals in these parties? Not so much as a murmur from these courageous public representatives.

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