VOTING 1 for Australian Christians is NOT a wasted vote.  Send a strong message that Family values, Freedom of Expression and Human Life matters.


    1. PROTECTING your freedom of speech and religious expression.
    2. In promoting healthy programs in our SCHOOLS.
    3. HUMAN LIFE is PRECIOUS in all stages and it ought to be protected.
    4. Good stewardship of our FINANCES is vital.
    5. LOOK AFTER the most vulnerable.
    6. We need to be good stewards and caretakers of our ENVIRONMENT.

Ellen Joubert Lead Senate Candidate

She contends all Australians rights to freedom of expression should be upheld... Read more

Janine Vander Ven BRAND

Janine Vander Ven is a registered nurse, a mother of three and has been married for 32 yea... Read more

Warnar Spyker BURT

Warnar Spyker is a lawyer who lives in Southern River and is married with six children. Wa... Read more

Jamie van Burgel CANNING

Jamie van Burgel is the Australian Christians candidate for the Canning area. He completel... Read more

Brady Williams HASLUCK

Brady is the Vice President and Membership Registrar for the Australian Association for Re... Read more

Rex Host MOORE

Rex Host has lived in Western Australian his whole life. ... Read more

Ian ‘t Hart O’CONNOR

Ian t’Hart is a local Christian school teacher, born and raised in the beautiful city of A... Read more


Kevin Host is the Australian Christian’s candidate for Stirling. Kevin has enjoyed life in... Read more

Steve Klomp SWAN

Steve Klomp is the Australian Christians candidate for Swan for the coming Federal electio... Read more

Deonne Kingsford CURTIN

Deonne Kingsford is the Australian Christians candidate for Curtin for 2019. Deonne loves ... Read more

How To Vote

Access all AC’s How to Vote Cards here, and never miss an opportunity to make your VOTE co... Read more

Mark Staer TANGNEY

Mark Staer is the Australian Christians candidate for the electorate of Tangney. ... Read more

Magdeleen Strauss PEARCE

The Australian Christian's candidate for the region of Pearce is Magdaleen Strauss... Read more

Laetisia Mulder FREMANTLE

Laetisia Mulder is the Australian Christian's candidate for the Electorate of Fremantle... Read more

Trevor Young Second Senate Candidate

Introducing Trevor Young for the Second Senate candidacy.... Read more


... Read more

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