AC WA is getting ready for the 2021 State Election.

Voting 1 for Australian Christians is never a wasted vote.  Faith, Families, and Freedom matter.

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EOI Candidate Form 2019-2021


    1. Strengthening families and marriages. Support for mental health services and counselling should be readily available and affordable.
    2. In promoting healthy programs within our Schools.
    3. No human life should be for sale. AC supports the Nordic approach to reduce human trafficking.
    4. Good stewardship of State Finances is vital.
    5. Protecting the most vulnerable – the orphan, the homeless and the unborn.
    6. We need to be good stewards and caretakers of our ENVIRONMENT.

Ellen Joubert

She contends all Australians rights to freedom of expression should be upheld... Read more

Warnar Spyker

Warnar Spyker is a lawyer who lives in Southern River and is married with six children. Wa... Read more

Jamie van Burgel

Jamie van Burgel is the Australian Christians candidate for the Canning area. He completel... Read more

Brady Williams

Brady is the Vice President and Membership Registrar for the Australian Association for Re... Read more

Ian ‘t Hart

Ian t’Hart is a local Christian school teacher, born and raised in the beautiful city of A... Read more

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