Those that tuned into this weeks Q&A may have been as dumbfounded as panellist and Middle East Analyst Lydia Khalil when asked to comment on the discrimination suffered in Australia at the hands of Christianity. As a Coptic Christian aware of the ongoing perils of being a minority in Egypt, where abduction, rape, church’s set alight, and routine discrimination in employment have been a part of daily life, such an assertion was clearly startling. She responded with the sincere question ‘What sort of discrimination do you mean?’

The audience participant clarified…  ‘those wanting to plan family…you know… abortion, same sex couples and aiding and abetting sexual abusers’. And of course with this there was a big round of applause for outing this ‘discrimination’. Obviously thinking caps weren’t handed out to this audience on the way in.

The redefining of words we use every day is really clouding the ability of people to think clearly. When Christians lobby for equal rights for mother and child it’s called ‘discrimination’. When they lobby for the retention of marriage, as it has always existed, to give children equal rights to the natural family habitat housing a mum and dad, it’s called ‘discrimination’. And while the angst at those who may aid and abet sexual abusers is justified, this is not a Christian position but a deviation from it. It seems we can’t get our gaze off our navel long enough to see what’s really going on.

All around the world Christians are being eradicated at a faster rate today than ever before in what has been referred to as ‘religious cleansing’. Acts of violence and intolerance against Christians in Indonesia almost doubled in 2011 in an Islamist attempt to close down churches. According to a report presented to the European parliament in 2010, 75% of deaths linked to religion based hate crimes worldwide are against Christians. The United States Commission on International Religious freedom predict that in our lifetime Christians might disappear altogether from Iraq, Afghanistan and Egypt. And in Australia where Christians are daring to raise their democratic voice for retention of age-old natural family institutions, there is this rise of animosity with claims of ‘discrimination’.

It might be worth reflecting on the article in last Sunday’s Age by Chris Berg as to the massive debt western civilisation owes to Christian theologians. ‘By the time Thomas Jefferson devised the formula of a wall of separation between church and state he was drawing on 1500 years of Christian thought’. Christians don’t want to change that separation; but just like every other citizen they are entitled to a democratic say in how Australia shall be shaped. Let’s get real; that’s not discrimination, its just democracy. Discrimination is what we are seeing perpetrated against the Christian minorities in nearly all Islamist and Communist nations.

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