As Senate candidate Vickie Janson and her husband Michael can affirm, being of one mind, voice and accord isn’t impeded by being of a different language.

Vickie and Michael’s Australia day weekend was enhanced with Middle Eastern hospitality from the Land of Refuge Arabic Church in Broadmeadows, Melbourne. There are a few things that transcend language limitations and they include sharing faith, fellowship and food! And this hospitable church has all three in generous supply.

Hailing from many Arabic-speaking nations including Iraq, Egypt, and Lebanon, this group of people led by Pastor Gaber Awad are truly grateful to be in Australia free from war and discrimination. Many came as refugees and so the church’s name ‘Land of Refuge Arabic Church’ really is representative. The worship leader Paulos from Egypt was filled with passion that transcended language and shared his truly amazing story with Vickie and Michael after the meeting; a story that would revive faith in anyone.

If you know people looking for an Arabic speaking church in the Broadmeadows area offering friendship, committed faith and a vibrancy uncommon to many, please contact Pastor Gaber Awad 0413 958 379

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