Consider constitution change cautiously.

Consider constitution change cautiously.

February 9th, 2012
Posted by: Raymond
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  • Dear Ray,

    It seems that I am going to agree with “Informed”. It appears that you haven’t really read the report as it is clearly only concerned with recognition of indigenous people in the constitution by removing those parts that are clearly racist and discriminate. Your suggestion that the amendements could in some way ensure that traditional law is recognised is patently incorrect. Comments/views such as this such yours are missleading and, if generally accepted, could be construed as a way to ensure that our indigenous brothers and sisters never get the proper recognition that they rightly deserve. Clearly your understanding of social justice and mine are poles apart.

  • Hi Alan & informed,
    You are both right in that I have not read the report in detail. I was responding to a comment on a current affairs program suggesting the inclusion of traditional law may  be considered in addition to the reports suggestions. There has also been a number of prominent Muslims calling for the inclusion of Sharia, law (including the right to polygamy) in parts of Australia.  
    Australian Christians is very much in favour of removing discrimination from the constitution, there should only ever be one set of laws to which all Australians are equally subjected.

  • Hi there Ray,

    Sadly you seem to have not done your research or even read the report released by the expert panel about the proposed changes to the constitution. No where does it mention recognition of aboriginal ‘customary law’ or any power to enforce such laws. Perhaps you should do some reading before writing articles to promote scare mongering tactics such as this.

    The recommendations include removal or amendment of racist clauses currently in the constitution (they still exist), and inserting a section to ensure laws made in respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do not discriminate against them as they have in the past. It is about protection of the most vulnerable in our society (as jesus would have done), not about promoting one over the other – as you seem to be suggesting.

  • Hi Interested,
    Thanks for your comment. Much of modern law owes its origin to biblical principles such as: all people are equal, protection of the vulnerable, freedom of speach, association and religion, do not kill, do not steal etc.

  • This is interesting. You seem to be arguing that Australian law is secular and has evolved to be far better that ancient customs. These ancient customs would include Biblical Old Testament laws then too, I presume (eg slavery, stoning). Glad to see you’re not advocating Biblical-based law. Democracy necessitates secular laws.

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