Community Concern – The New Extremism

Presenting Jim Wallace’s comments as a callous attack on homosexuals appears to be callous in itself. The Age reports that he was comparing the many struggles  gay and lesbian Australians endure with the ill effects of smoking, and yet he simply noted that he considered it irresponsible to not warn people of the serious health issues that disproportionately affect this community; issues like HIV/AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis A,B and C, shigella, human papillomavirus and anal cancer.

A 2009 Canadian report also noted sexually active gay and bi-sexual men have frequent exposure to papillomavirus and this may contribute to the high rates of head, throat and neck cancers among this community. Perhaps we should care enough about our fellow Australians to be honest about these concerns identified by our medical fraternity.

Evidence-based statements that may educate Australians should not simply be dismiss as being ‘totally unacceptable’ without good reason. Once again all critical inquiry and academic integrity is sacrificed for an ideology that forbids any dissenting intellectual honesty.

Our prime minister has opted ‘not to speak’ with the Christian community who care that young Australians get the facts and assistance they need to meet these challenges. So whose being extreme?

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