Boys ‘in care’ pack raped; what an oxymoron. As representatives of the broader church, we all feel the pain, and the shame, of today’s headline in the Age. Nothing can undo the past, and this type of experience is all the more difficult to heal from, when the abuse has been perpetrated by those who should be representing ‘the healer’.

Because of the hands that violated them, healing hands will be all the more difficult for these men to receive.

To be honest, I want to write about this, to just write something to show we care. I want to write something to share in the pain of the children robbed of innocence and life; and to share in the pain of the church, who in these crimes have so poorly reflected ‘the body of Christ’; a body that should express the mind of Christ and the heart of the Father on earth.  I want to write; yet words fail me.

We live in a world where child abuse is all too common. I was one of many children who know this reality but my suffering was not at the hands of the church, but at the hands of the family who were responsible for ‘my care’.  I received my healing from the healer himself, and have grown to love the broader church…ie the body of people connected to the head. Perhaps we can only begin to address this clear ‘disconnect’ from the heart and head that allows for such abuse when we stop and simply say ‘we care.’

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