Our stand at the Canning Show in WA on Saturday showed us just how much the average voter wants to know more about how to maximize their vote.
Bob Burdett and Dwight Randall spoke to 100’s of locals, explaining why it is important to vote 1 for your preferred minor party before going to you preferred major party.
Bob’s reflections on the day:
“There are a lot of dissatisfied people out there. Most felt it was hopeless as it did not matter who they voted for they would basically get the same result. Even those who never voted or would put in a blank ballot paper changed their tune when told they really could make a difference. People were most responsive to the fact they could send each of the major parties a wake up call by placing us number one.
“The response from Christians was very encouraging with many open declarations of support. They were also that we would not be in competition with parties like Family first and were trying to work together”
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“Those below 30 especially the 16 to 22 year olds were greatly impressed by statements like “ you are the guardians of Australia for the next 50 -60 years” “look at all the parties and make up your own mind” “ Look at all everyone’s policies, decide on what you would like Australia to be and vote for the party with those ideals” “ be very wary of people coming up to you at the next election with suggestions like “ don’t worry about that, just do it this way” “ “your vote is very important and precious, use it wisely”.


I was very surprised that in nearly every conversation they warmed quickly to me promoting their responsibility and asking for their help in keeping Australia on a good moral path”



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