How to Vote card for Brand

Bob BurdettBob Burdett will be working hard to offer the electorate a viable option to Labor and the coalition.

Bob  previously represented Australian Christians in the 2013 Federal election and fought for a seat in the Upper House during the March 2013 WA State election.

“Most of the people who live in the area in Brand are construction people.” he said. “There’s a theme that runs through them and I’m aware of their concerns and needs.
“Looking from my perspective, and talking to them, I think for Brand itself we need to look after the work in the area.”

The father-of-five said he thought Brand had been taken for granted for too long.
“I think both the Liberals and Labor could both do more for the area,” he said.
I think they’re both focused on our trading partners and how we can appease them or keep them onside and not necessarily look after our people.
“The people are the economy of Australia, not its finances.”

Mr Burdett believes Christian morals and values had also been eroded from today’s society

“There’s some bias against Christian values but they’re the basis of our whole political system,” he said.”I look at society today and see a lot of good people but it’s the moral issues sometimes. We’ve taken religion and Bibles out of schools and the crux out of the family by eroding Christian principles such as right and wrong and justice. These are being actively ignored or side-stepped — the attitude seems to be if it feels good, do it and there’s no responsibility”

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