Melbourne by election, Christian, politics, The Stephen Mayne Report on how the 16 candidates in the Melbourne by-election fared are very telling.

The Greens strategy was to preference ‘progressive’ parties first. That’s code for supporting same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia and open borders. But we knew where we stood from the outset. So the poor results were really no surprise in this electorate where the Sex Party ran as the third choice.

What was disappointing was the turnout at the ACL candidate forum. After other community groups had 120-130 locals turn out to meet the candidates and hear their views, the Christian forum attracted less that 20 locals, and with 13 candidates at this event, the audience almost mirrored the candidates. This unfortunate trend continued on election day with the Sex Party and Berhan Ahmed having 4-5 volunteers at each booth, with Australian Christians thankful for the faithful one volunteer at each booth who stood in some cases for 8-10 hours without relief.

We did achieve our goal and were a voice for those who have no voice; especially in this electorate. But we hope that in the next election a greater portion of the church may stand with us in this vigil for the most vulnerable in our society.

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