After addressing concerned English speaking Christians in Sydney at the national ACNA (Australian Christian Nation Association) conference, Australian Christians Senate candidate Vickie Janson returned to Melbourne to join a group of Arabic speaking Christians who were also united in their prayers and concerns for Australia. The concerns dominating both the ACNA conference and the meeting in Arabic revolved around a longing for revival in Australia and recognition of Australia’s Christian heritage. And a major contributor to this united call was clearly the impact of Islam upon the Christian community worldwide.

Patron and Founding Director of ACNA the Rev Fred Nile opened the conference with his concerns about Islam in Australia in line with the conference theme Learning From the Experience of Others. The day included a deeply moving testimony of a Nigerian refugee who had been among a group abducted by terrorists. This poor man had witnessed the beheading of his Pastor – a challenge to the faith that most could not comprehend facing.

Presenters included Greg Whitehead of Bridges for Peace with a dynamic account of Australia’s Christian heritage, Michael York of Exodus From Darkness, NSW Senate candidate Robyn Peebles and her Victorian counterpart Vickie Janson, presenting some of the issues surrounding Islam in Australia. The day had an artistic flair incorporating prayer dance and a skit of a new Australian encouraging all to look to the heart, rather than the outward appearance, of every person. It was heart warming for Vickie and her husband Michael to return to Melbourne and see the Arabic group clearly united in exactly the same desires.

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