Rev Ibrahim 2 With Vickie & Michael

This week Victorian Senate candidate Vickie Janson, with husband Michael and son Nathan, hosted an evening for Rev Muhammed Ibrahim from Nigeria. Rev Muhammad’s title and name represent who he is; a Muslim background believer in Jesus Christ.


The reverend has a passion for assisting Muslims who like him have changed their beliefs about who Christ is and his Nigerian based ministry is called Passion for Converts.

In Australia, changing your beliefs is no big deal at all. No one is generally concerned when a family member starts attending a church or mixing in a new crowd of people. But as Rev Muhammad pointed out, this is not so in Muslim majority areas such as northern Nigeria. Despite Nigeria being 60% Christian, the majority residing in the south, there are still serious consequences for those who flee the north for refuge in the mainly Christian south as a consequence of changing their beliefs. i.e. If this change is away from Islam, there appears to be no objection for moving the other way!

Rev Muhammad noted how institutional the discrimination is with people who reject Islam suddenly losing their job for some minor issue and how re-employment anywhere becomes very problematic. He noted that this was because Muslims have the monopoly on strategic government positions, even in the south. He also noted the rejection and persecution by family members for this change of mind, and the lack of support afforded those who have lost it all. His passion is to assist in the support and skilling of Christians from Muslim backgrounds so that they are not forced to abandon their newly held convictions for these pragmatic reasons. Freedom of choice becomes limited when some choices result in a great many handicaps. This ministry aims to meet both spiritual and physical needs by providing spiritual support to deal with the challenges faced, and practical work skills and opportunities in order that converting is not an automatic entry into poverty.

If you would like to make a donation to this ministry to establish Muslim background believers in Christ so that they can work and co-exist peacefully with their Muslim neighbours in Nigeria and promote a new culture of freedom of belief you can contribute to his ministry here:

ANZ Bank Muhammed Ibrahim 014 271 208305532

Rev Muhammed concluded by saying ‘it’s the same Islam here as in Nigeria’. Given that, he encouraged those in attendance to stand firm for freedom of belief in the public arena because freedom to choose Christ is so dramatically undermined by political Islam.

Rev Ibrahim with 2 supporters

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