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1.1 To advance the glory of God through the institution of Parliament and through all aspects of Federal and State and Local Government, to advance Australia as “A Christian Commonwealth” as it was originally described in 1901 when the Commonwealth of Australia was formed,

1.2 To promote the true welfare of the people of Australia through all legislation being brought into conformity with the revealed will of God in the Holy Bible with a special emphasis on the MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION (2 Cor.5:18),

1.3 To support & promote recognition of our Christian Heritage by uplifting the Judeo/Christian ethic with pro-family, pro-child, pro-moral, pro-life, and pro-Australian policies,

1.4 To endorse, nominate and support the election of Christian Candidates into Local, State and Federal Government; especially in the Upper Houses of Parliament and in the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory and the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory,

1.5 To uphold our Christian Constitutional Monarchy and Christian Westminster System of Government through the policies of AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIANS as a Christian Political Movement respecting the sovereignty of Australia. In accordance with Jeremiah 5l:27 we seek to “Set up a standard in the land”, and fulfil our Lord’s command in the Gospel of Matthew 5:16: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven”, Isaiah 62.6: “ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence”, Romans 13.3: “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil”.


This Statement of Belief is the basis of the policy and actions of the Federal Australian Christians Party and all affiliated State and Territory Australian Christians Parties.


We believe there is one God, eternal, manifested as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour from sin (John 3: 17).

The Bible

We believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired, inerrant written Word of God and the final authority above all man’s laws and government (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Civil Government

We believe civil government to be under the authority of God. (Romans l3:4) Civil Government is a God-ordained institution with authority to deal only with the outward needs of people. Both Church and State are unique in their responsibilities before God: neither may seek to usurp the other’s role and neither can be free of the other’s influence. We believe the purpose of civil government is to ensure freedom and justice for a nation’s citizens by establishing and upholding law and order in accordance with Biblical principles. We believe that the decision making processes of civil government must not contravene Biblical teaching.

Three Institutions

We believe that God has ordained three Institutions: The Family, the Church and the Civil Government, each with its own special responsibilities, duties and authority.

The Family

We believe that the family, consisting of those individuals related by blood or marriage, is the foundation social unit of the nation. The family has primary responsibility for the welfare, education and property of its members. We believe that Civil Government must respect the sanctity of the family and its unique sphere of authority and it must preserve and promote the optimum conditions in which the integrity of the family unit can be maintained.


We believe Jesus Christ taught that in the beginning God created mankind – male and female, and meant a man and a woman, as husband and wife, to live together honourably in a lasting, loving, lifelong, faithful relationship. We believe marriage is a sacred undertaking which God intended for mankind as the environment in which procreation would occur and the environment in which children would be raised and nurtured. We believe that that Marriage is a fundamental state of Christian life in which parents offer help, comfort and companionship to each other and to their children.

Right to Life

We believe that God is the author of life and that human life originates at conception. Abortion and euthanasia
must be opposed under all circumstances as the shedding of innocent blood.

Sexual Morality

We believe that God has established laws of sexual morality for the wellbeing of society. These laws prohibit pornography, adultery, incest, homosexuality and other sexual aberrations.

Parental Rights

We believe that Parents and not the civil government have the primary responsibility before God for child rearing and the education of their children. We believe that Christian parents should be allowed to act according to the dictate of their conscience and with the right to choose the kind of education they want for their children.

The Church

We believe that the Church is a God-ordained body of believers charged to proclaim God’s truth and to set an example both inwardly and outwardly of Godly living before the world. The Church has no authority to use physical coercion, but only to challenge man’s conscience to do what is right.

Law and Order

We believe that it is every citizen’s duty to submit to God-ordained governing authority. The primary responsibility of civil government is to protect the lives of a nation’s citizens and to ensure that those who violate law and order receive just punishment. Crime should never carry with it a reward, and therefore the Biblical Principle of restitution and compensation to victims of crime should be enforced.


We believe that there should be no taxation without representation at every level of government. We believe that people are obliged to sustain civil government through just taxation. We believe that as Jesus Christ taught. “Render to Caesar what is due to Caesar and render to God what is due to God”. (Matthew 22.21)

Protection of Freedom

We believe that the Federal civil government should build up and maintain an adequate military preparedness to protect the nation’s unique identity and sovereignty from external attack or internal subversion.

Free Enterprise

We believe that the Biblical principles concerning economics should be consistently upheld and respected by all government. We further believe that the principle of responsible free enterprise, matched with the responsibility before God in dealing with our fellow man, should be upheld.

We support economic policies that foster a stable mixed economy (private and public) with low inflation and high employment especially for young people, as well as genuine co-operation between employers and employees in an atmosphere which seeks to minimise the industrial disputes.

Australia as a Christian Commonwealth

Our Christian heritage establishes the Christian principles under which Australia must operate. These principles are recognised when our Federal and State Parliaments open in Prayer.

We believe in a free and independent democratic Australia. We seek to uphold our Federal and State Christian-based Constitutions, our Christian-based Constitutional Monarchy and our Christian Australian flag.

We seek to strengthen our relationships with those countries with which we share a common heritage and/or with those countries which demonstrate a commitment to freedom and the Judeo-Christian ethic.

Church and State

We believe the separation of the structure of the organised Church and the State in Australia does not mean separation of the Christian faith from Government. No nation can survive in a moral and spiritual vacuum.

Recognition of other Religions

Australia is a predominantly Christian nation. However it does recognise freedom of religion and the right of all citizens to worship according to their faith. As Christian Citizens we have the responsibility to do all we can within the Law to promote Christian Principles, Ethics and faith as the most effective basis of Australian Law and Society. We must also uphold and defend the Christian basis that already exists.

Right to Life

We believe that every person from conception to old age and natural death enjoys the right to life within a caring society.

Judeo-Christian Ethic

We believe that the Judeo-Christian Ethic as taught in the Holy Bible should be the foundation for our laws, education and culture.

Mass media morality

We believe the moral standards of the mass media, being television, videos, computer games, the internet, films, radio, and printed media must not degrade our nation. We seek to eliminate excessive violence, indecency, obscenity, blasphemy, etc.

Education Excellence

We believe in the importance of excellence in education in both Government and Non-Government Schools and the rights of parents to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs should be protected.

Family Impact Analysis

We pledge to test every Government plan, budget, policy and Bill using our Guiding Family Principles, to gauge its impact on family


All Government policies must stress the integrity and preservation of the family unit. Family household tax and welfare supplements should favour the family unit, particularly families with dependent children.

All Government programmes must reflect the belief in the Christian family as the basic unit of society.

Marriage between a man and a woman must have overwhelmingly preferential treatment in all social, financial and other law and policy relative to other types of Unions.

Parents must be held responsible at law to provide for their children regardless of divorce, re-marriage, separation or casual conception.

Schools must act on behalf of parents in the education process.

All education curriculum must reinforce the principles and ideals of Judeo-Christianity.
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