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20 hours ago

Australian Christians

Social distancing & strong borders successfully contained COVID-19.

However it has come at a huge economic cost, according to Deloitte Access Economics partner Noel Richards.

Deloitte predicts the coronavirus will rip $17 billion out of the State economy in 2020-21 and it will take four years to replace the tens of thousands of jobs lost during the crisis.

The Deloitte modelling suggests the McGowan Government has drastically underestimated the damaged caused by COVID-19.

The Deloitte report is tipping a 6 per cent fall over the same period at a total cost of $17 billion, which would shrink the WA economy back to levels last seen six years ago in 2013-2014.

The report said “ramping up government borrowing to invest in growth-enhancing infrastructure could pay dividends” for both job creation and the long-term production capacity of the economy.

“It’s not time for the State Government to be shy on spending and investment,” Mr Richards said. “It needs to represent value for money and we need to consider our repayment capacity — but keeping people in jobs and getting others back into work should be priority one right now.”

(Josh Zimmerman - The West Australian 2 June 2020)

Do YOU agree it should be priority one now?

Has COVID-19 not impacted our communities to remind us of what matters most - the life of each and every person, and their wellbeing and health?

Economic stability and job creation, will not magically wave a wand over people's mental health and emotional concerns at this time.

Job creation is important. We want to see our State flourish.

But be sure to know what ELSE a party stands for and highly values, when money and promises are thrown around.

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Each and every person is made in the Image of God.
Male and Female.
(Genesis 1:27)

Each is valuable in God's eyes, and has intrinsic value.

Recently the government shut the doors of the aged care homes to ensure the safety and protection of its residents. Whilst it meant the community would very isolated, they would also be insulated from the coronavirus.

It took the looming of a pandemic for the Government to elevate the elderly to a top priority.

Protecting the most vulnerable, needs to be a top priority daily for governmental leaders.

The elderly, the dying, the homeless, the unborn, the orphans...

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Thoughts from our WA Director Maryka Groenewald.

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We are thankful for a beautiful place to call home.

Australian Christians believe in putting forward WA candidates who deeply believe that they are ministers of justice and reconciliation.

Future MP's that believe their role is to serve the many different people of this state.

It's merely satisfactory to have MP's in Parliament who just do their job and avoid any major catastrophes or scandals.

We don't need MP's who can keep the status quo, but we need MP's with a vision for the future, and a heart of integrity for the people of WA.

We believe in something much more.

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More restrictions easing, commencing 6th June. 🙌🏼💯#BREAKING: WA's coronavirus restrictions will ease from midnight, June 6th. What do you think Perth?

The WA Government will allow 100 people in gatherings from next Saturday, when the next phase of restrictions are eased.

From Saturday June 6, up to 300 people will also be permitted in some indoor and outdoor settings, where there are multiple divided spaces with only 100 people in each.

Under Phase 3, all food businesses will be able to operate with seated service, and alcohol can be served without a meal.

The Premier confirmed all beauty therapy, massage, personal care services, saunas and wellness centres will also be allowed to reopen.

“Galleries, museums, theatres, auditoriums, cinemas and concert venues can reopen with the 100-300 rule followed and with patrons seated,” Mr McGowan said.

Mr McGowan said gyms, health clubs and indoor sports centres could offer their normal range of activities including the use of all gym equipment.

“Gyms will need to be staffed at all times and undertake regular cleaning,” Mr McGowan said.

Under the major easing of restrictions parents and guardians will be once again allowed to enter schools grounds to drop off and pick up their children.

Mr McGowan said TABs, wildlife and amusements parks, arcades, indoor play centres and Perth Zoo would be allowed to open from next weekend.

He confirmed the use of playgrounds, skateparks and outdoor gym equipment would be permitted too – as would full-contact sport and training.

“I know for many young kids getting back to junior sports is a big part of their normal life,” Mr McGowan said.

The Premier said Western Australia would be the first state to move away from one person per four-metres square rule under phase three, replacing it with a one person per two square metres rule.

“(The rule) prevented a large number of businesses from opening,” Mr McGowan said.

“I hope it means many more businesses will be able to open and employ many more West Australians.”

Rottnest Island will also reopen to the public.

DETAILS | ab.co/2AfwYsa
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Human trafficking and prostitution are ancient forms of slavery.

Australian Christians promotes the nordic model to reduce human trafficking and for a safe-exit strategy for those involved in prostitution.

This is a relevant policy issue in Western Australia.

Our policy is about protecting children, women and men against exploitation. And strengthening the family unit, to ensure marriages and individuals are not harmed by prostitution.

You can find out policy here:

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Words from WA State Director - Maryka Groenewald.

Your generous support, enables us to field Christian candidates that are uncompromising in these values.

A donation, is sowing the seed to maintain Judeo- Christian values in our heritage and legislation. It is also an investment into future Australian Christian leaders and influencers.

australianchristians.com.au/donate/ 💵

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We believe, every child has infinite value, and therefore a right to great education. ⭐️

Schools should never assume the role of the parents, but partner with them, in their goals for learning and nurturing throughout life.

Programs that preach about gender identity and ideologies are inappropriate in children's settings. However, age and content appropriate, inspiring and resilience building programs are welcomed.

What programs do YOU think would be positive, life-affirming and strength building in our schools?
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We believe in good stewardship of our environment.🌳

Here's our environmental & energy policy:


#AustralianChristians #Vote1
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Adding to the team!

Meet Louis, our extensively experienced Finance and Administration Manager. And Cythnia, our Prayer Coordinator, gifted in intercession, praying for our nation and for you.

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Thriving Families. Healthy Communities. Stable Economy.
Vote 1 Australian Christians.

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